What has come before

  1. Starbucks Winter 2009 offerings
    Tazo Tea Lattes London Fog: Very good; very sweet. First time I had this, I didn’t take the Earl Grey tea bag out, and by... (from 03:04 PM, 05 February 2009)
  2. Further notes from a commuter
    12/2 10:23 pm — I have a button on my messenger-bag that says “I read banned comics.” It’s a fairly old button, and I got... (from 04:41 PM, 07 January 2009)
  3. Too long between Guinness draughts
    I just finished off a nice can of Guinness. In a plastic cup. On a train. It only bothered me a little bit that a... (from 01:11 AM, 15 December 2008)
  4. More notes from a commuter
    11/18 1:21 am — The old LIRR trains with the blue and red seats were just not made for typing on a portable computer. They... (from 12:50 AM, 28 November 2008)
  5. Notes from a commuter
    11/15 11:16 pm — I don’t know what was going on tonight. There were some people wearing Ranger’s jerseys, so I’m assuming there was a... (from 05:21 PM, 16 November 2008)
  6. Sleepy Cat -- In Memory
    This is a repost of a poem I wrote in 2002 about a friend’s cat. Sleepy Cat Small of foot Black and white Queen... (from 05:20 PM, 24 October 2008)
  7. Leave a message
    About every other month or so, either Katherine or I will get a phone call from an unknown number, which we won’t pick up. Invariably,... (from 01:17 PM, 29 September 2008)
  8. Corsendonk Abbey Brown Ale
    Brewed and bottled by Brewery Du Bocq, Oud-Turnhout, Belgium Purchased at Lake Ronkonkoma Beverage in June 2008, $12/4 pack Opened bottle in August 2008 Served... (from 06:38 PM, 22 August 2008)
  9. The Police at Jones Beach
    I saw The Police play at Jones Beach on August 5. Back in the early spring, my friend Melissa said she was going to the... (from 03:55 PM, 15 August 2008)
  10. The Wrong Fight
    It’s that time again. Every four years, we’re treated to the spectacle of very rich, white men explaining how elitist and out-of-touch is the Democratic... (from 11:54 PM, 02 August 2008)
  11. My libertarian is itchy
    I’m confused by this: A New Jersey woman has been arrested for prostitution after police say she used the Web site Craigslist to find clients….... (from 10:41 AM, 11 July 2008)
  12. Freedom Rider
    There is nothing that irks me on the road quite like speed bumps. They exist solely because some group of people have decided that I... (from 09:48 AM, 05 July 2008)
  13. Song XXVIII
    The temple has fallen into disrepair It’s sagging and short of breath The clergy are muttering kind words to themselves Holy invocations fall leaden in... (from 02:23 AM, 26 June 2008)
  14. Acid Trip to the Past
    I’m not one to think that things were better in my childhood days. The 70s, for all those who choose not to—or are too young... (from 04:17 PM, 20 June 2008)
  15. It bears repeating
    Turn off Safari’s Open “safe” files after downloading under Safari->Preferences. There’s a program out there in the wild that can download and install itself if... (from 08:29 PM, 02 June 2008)
  16. cURL'd
    This is one of those inside baseball posts. On my main page, I have two things that everyone ignores on the sidebar: Word of the... (from 05:05 PM, 17 May 2008)
  17. It's a Gas
    It’s all about Oil! today at MacPhoenix. There are three illogical and pandering ideas floating out in the memesphere today. Let’s approach them one at... (from 06:06 PM, 30 April 2008)
  18. Maverick
    John McCain is a rich, old white man, out of touch with US workers. John McCain is a rich, old white man, who believes women... (from 06:41 PM, 25 April 2008)
  19. Wendy's Fresher Catch
    An update, since I get about 2 dozen hits a day from people looking up Wendy’s fish sandwich. The last time I wrote about it,... (from 09:21 AM, 19 March 2008)
  20. The Glorious Return of TMX: Music Is Math v. Starship Trooper
    The Glorious Return of TMX: Music Is Math v. Starship Trooper In our last episode of TMX, I had sent Rich “Starship Troopers,” by Yes,... (from 09:33 PM, 04 March 2008)
  21. I have seen the future, and it is...
    I’ve always been interested in how issues are framed. Many political issues are framed in specific ways by their proponents, and eventually it becomes difficult... (from 01:26 PM, 24 February 2008)
  22. Hippies for Obama
    Machinists Union President Tom Buffenbarger, about Obama supporters: Give me a break! I’ve got news for all the latte-drinking, Prius-driving, Birkenstock-wearing, trust fund babies crowding... (from 01:41 PM, 20 February 2008)
  23. Suckers
    I’m an elitist populist. I believe democracy is the best form of government, but it’s insanely important to have checks in that government to protect... (from 01:13 AM, 15 February 2008)
  24. MSNBC can't report financial news very accurately
    Two headlines on the very same MSNBC page at the same time (as of 10:45 AM). This one is at the top: Wall Street seesaws... (from 10:55 AM, 23 January 2008)
  25. Reality TV
    Tom Tomorrow crystalizes my vague thoughts on television: Basically, the networks are training me not to watch their programs until after they’ve been cancelled and... (from 01:27 PM, 18 January 2008)
  26. Apple Computers
    It’s no secret that I’m an Apple fanatic. I’ve used Macintosh computers since 1986. I’ve taken apart the Mac 128K to see the developers’ signatures... (from 06:15 PM, 19 December 2007)
  27. They can charge money for that? Pt 2
    Seen at the local PETCO — Petmate® Cat Crazies®: “Cats go CRAZY over these specially designed toys!” If only the inventor of the cap on... (from 10:18 PM, 25 November 2007)
  28. They can charge money for that?
    Captured on the checkout line at my local market, The Complete Idiot’s Guide: Ghosts and Hauntings: The entirety of the contents: “Thank you for purchasing... (from 03:22 PM, 20 November 2007)
  29. 2 Videos
    Rudy does not mention September 11 as much as we think: Mmmm, the vomit heaving into the back of my throat tastes so bile-y. Anyone... (from 12:43 PM, 15 November 2007)
  30. 2008 Prime Cuts
    Pat Robertson endorses Rudy Giuliani. What a meeting of the weasels. A lot of coverage of this points out that Robertson says that American gays... (from 03:15 PM, 09 November 2007)
  31. A quick summary
    So Katherine and I married last Friday, October 19. Everything went great, except for the weather, but we managed. Here’s a quick rundown of things... (from 04:39 PM, 24 October 2007)
  32. Jinx and the Gauntlet of Claw Fury
    My older, fatter cat, Jinx, likes to play this game where she gets under the bed-sheets and turns over onto her back, with all four... (from 01:44 AM, 17 October 2007)
  33. Notes from the field
    At 11:52 p.m., on Monday, September 24, 2007, a Suffolk Police officer from the second precinct, driving in Car 205 turned on his lights to... (from 05:38 PM, 25 September 2007)
  34. Run Like Hell
    Last night, I heard “Run Like Hell,” by Pink Floyd, on the radio. This, sadly, is not an uncommon occurrence. Applying the pop-poseur rule, “Run... (from 01:52 PM, 18 September 2007)
  35. Impulsive at Starbucks
    I have to make a promise to never walk into a Starbucks alone. When I go in with other people, I’m all business. Let’s get... (from 04:41 PM, 30 August 2007)
  36. Change a'comin
    Blame it on Jack White, I guess, but I’m really into red right now. But red is a deep color. It represents change, which is... (from 12:25 PM, 18 August 2007)
  37. Too Helpful
    This isn’t a line drawn in the sand. I like when people are helpful, so the last thing I want to do is discourage helpfulness.... (from 12:51 PM, 01 August 2007)
  38. Sneaky advert for car company
    So a couple of weeks ago, I got an official-looking mailing, apparently from “County of Suffolk.” Now I knew that it was not actually from... (from 01:33 PM, 14 July 2007)
  39. Friday Cat Blogging: White gloves
    Indy pauses mid-stretch to see what the photographer is doing. Jinx is concerned she’ll have to leave the box should Indy manage to touch... (from 03:33 PM, 06 July 2007)
  40. Seriously?
    The headline? The top story? Really? K… show of hands. Who here is eager to go through the pain of childbirth without having that... (from 12:44 PM, 27 June 2007)
  41. Masons Have Ruined My Blog!
    There’s a silly public access program that’s repeated often late night on cable. The title of the series is The (Not So) Hidden Agenda. I’ve... (from 07:09 PM, 24 June 2007)
  42. Karma Police, arrest this girl
    So I have a funny blog about anti-mason programming on public access cable, but that’s going to have to wait a day or two. Let... (from 06:12 PM, 03 June 2007)
  43. Dropped by Traveler’s
    I consider myself a good driver, but I do tend to drive fast (i.e. 10–20 miles over the speed limit), and I have an unhealthy... (from 01:53 PM, 31 May 2007)
  44. Russell’s Rule of Long Island 7-11 Placement
    The vast majority of 7-11s on Long Island are on the north or west side of the road. A corollary to this rule: I am... (from 04:36 PM, 29 May 2007)
  45. Food Review: Trader Joe’s Spring Onion Rice Noodle Soup Bowl
    At a recent visit to Trader Joe’s, I purchased a Spring Onion Rice Noodle Soup Bowl. The packaging made it look like a step up... (from 03:03 PM, 04 May 2007)
  46. Greenshines
    Steve Jobs just put out an open letter laying out the plans for Apple to become more environmentally-neutral. It’s an interesting read, and it’s great... (from 06:02 PM, 02 May 2007)
  47. I got piqued
    So I got this email from eBay that had this banner: “Peak buyers’ interest”? Really? While I appreciate the proper use of the possessive apostrophe,... (from 09:41 PM, 28 April 2007)
  48. TMX: Music Is Math v. Starship Trooper
    Tomorrow sometimes seems like a week away. Anyway, this time Rich and I are exchanging “Ready Lets Go/Music Is Math,” by the Boards of Canada,... (from 12:46 PM, 24 April 2007)
  49. TMX: Reactions to Pretzel Logic v Cowgirl
    Ooops! Sorry for the delay. So, as established previously, Rich and I were sending music to each other that highlight our musical backgrounds. Last time... (from 01:46 PM, 17 April 2007)
  50. I’m a lot like you were
    For years I had wanted to meet Kurt Vonnegut. Then, about 10 years ago, I saw him on some sort of show. I forget the... (from 04:25 PM, 13 April 2007)
  51. Kurt Vonnegut: 1922 – 2007
    Excerpt from Breakfast of Champions, 1973: Trout accepted the invitation after all. Two days before the Festival was to begin, he delivered Bill into the... (from 02:54 PM, 12 April 2007)
  52. The Lexijon: Busted
    There’s this shop on Rt 25 out in Smithtown called “U R Busted,” which cracks me up every time I see it. I think it’s... (from 12:29 PM, 08 April 2007)
  53. Tuesday Music Exchange: Pretzel Logic v Cowgirl
    When Rich and I first discussed Lingua Shapta, we knew that we had a common musical ground in our appreciation for the band Soul Coughing.... (from 12:54 PM, 14 March 2007)
  54. So I thought about getting my hair cut...
    It was long overdue. And from working in the vegetarian kitchen, where much of my day is spent standing over a huge pot of... (from 03:03 PM, 10 March 2007)
  55. Knee-jerk Reactions
    Here’s logic I’ll never understand: When a horrific crime is reported, the media ask, “Are our laws tough enough?” This is one of those knee-jerk... (from 09:40 AM, 02 March 2007)
  56. That's beautiful, daddy-o
    Lincoln is still the only head of state in the world to submit himself to an election during a revolution, during a rebellion, during... (from 05:21 PM, 22 February 2007)
  57. Less is more
    Recently, we got a product notice in the kitchen telling us that the brand of tofu we order was being replaced by another. Both brands... (from 05:01 PM, 12 February 2007)
  58. Hershey's Heath Cookies
    Last night, I tried Hershey’s “Heath Milk Chocolate Layered Cookies.” These are square-shaped sandwich cookies, with a toffee flavored filling. And they’re not good. The... (from 01:16 PM, 23 January 2007)
  59. What was your tipping point?
    Over at TMP, Josh Marshall asks this question: November 2004 to November 2006 represented a remarkable turnabout for President Bush and the Republican party. Was... (from 03:06 PM, 27 December 2006)
  60. Linguistic Hell
    On my usual Monday night delivery route, I passed a lit sign in front of a church somewhere out towards the north fork of Long... (from 12:38 PM, 09 December 2006)
  61. Hole in my head
    Once, several years ago, I punched a hole in my head while working on my piece-of-crap car. I don’t remember if it was the car... (from 06:02 PM, 26 November 2006)
  62. Chernobyl's effect on Norway
    Last Christmas, my fianceé tried to buy reindeer meatballs for her father. It was kind of a tradition to get him some sort of unusual... (from 05:47 PM, 01 November 2006)
  63. American Terrorists
    Keith Olbermann on terrorism and the modern Republican Party: …The dictionary definition of the word ‘terrorize’ is simple and not open to misinterpretation: “To fill... (from 04:46 PM, 25 October 2006)
  64. Spam kills
    Spam kills small websites. Especially, small sites that have a modicum of user feedback. Because the volume of user feedback on my site was small,... (from 01:28 PM, 11 October 2006)
  65. Dialogs
    Previously, my favorite dialog box warning was a blank box with a single button saying “OK.” But then I read about an even better one:... (from 02:33 PM, 27 September 2006)
  66. Roger Waters Live at the Garden
    Twenty years ago, my friend Joe and I went to see Roger Waters at Madison Square Garden for the Radio KAOS tour. We had horrible... (from 02:14 PM, 14 September 2006)
  67. Speling Errers
    I am SO much better at spelling than I used to be. When I was in high school, my spelling was atrocious. Word processing, contrary... (from 05:07 PM, 06 September 2006)
  68. The Albatross
    There is an overwhelming aspect to caring about things. Events that I cannot possibly control knock my psyche about. Sure, I want to write about... (from 02:41 PM, 06 September 2006)
  69. Rummy, you're doing a heckuva job
    This made me laugh. And then I felt guilty about laughing, because there’s nothing funny about this. He’s such an idiot. Via Atrios... (from 11:20 PM, 19 April 2006)
  70. Rolling Stones sell Rice Krispies c1964
    Oh, so sweet. Before they were popular, the Stones sang a jingle for Rice Krispies. Bet they didn’t get nearly the same royalties for that... (from 07:26 PM, 30 March 2006)
  71. Who's been using my Amazon Account?!?
    From Amazon: Dear Amazon.com Customer, Since you have purchased extreme sports gear or beef snacks in the past, we thought you might like to know... (from 02:10 PM, 25 March 2006)
  72. Palms down
    I was going to go on a tear about International Delight coffee creamers, because they have palm oil in them. Comparing this to Nestlés Coffee-Mate... (from 07:13 PM, 23 March 2006)
  73. V for Vendetta Review
    Phew! Russell’s Law of 50% Returns on Comic Adaptations holds true. Bad news for X-Men III perhaps, but V for Vendetta was fantastic. I enjoyed... (from 04:14 AM, 21 March 2006)
  74. ITMFA
    Impeach the MFer, Already. Sounds like a good plan to me.... (from 04:49 AM, 09 March 2006)
  75. Best Spam Ever
    Verbatim: Subject: Former President Bill Klinton uses Voagra! Everybody knows the great sexual scandal known as “Klinton-Levinsky”. After the relations like this Klintons popularity raised... (from 03:58 PM, 10 February 2006)
  76. Monster Target
    I posted a resume on Monster.com about a year ago and never got any job offers. I’m not surprised or bitter about this. It’s just... (from 12:39 PM, 01 February 2006)
  77. Two-bit ballet
    With the Bush Administration, I am reminded of a cartoon of an anthropomorphized animal, dancing around in a tutu, on a stage that is in... (from 03:31 PM, 24 January 2006)
  78. A lovely joke
    The best blonde joke ever. A worthy sequel to the last time I had jokes on my blog.... (from 04:31 PM, 13 January 2006)
  79. Little bit of perspective
    On the teaser for WCBS local 11 o’clock news, Jim Rosenfield says, “Jews around the world are praying for Ariel Sharon.” Without trying to notice... (from 12:00 AM, 07 January 2006)
  80. Too much G
    In 1992, I voted for Bill Clinton. Shortly after that, I was disappointed by almost everything that he did. At the time, I confused Democratic... (from 01:24 AM, 21 December 2005)
  81. Kingly
    In this time of the brutal War on Christmas, it takes a strong leader to remind us what is really important, which is the continual... (from 04:32 AM, 20 December 2005)
  82. I think I am, therefore I might be
    From this quiz, (link via Orcinus), I found out that I’m an existentialist. I figured I’d be materialist, but, hey, who am I to argue... (from 05:28 PM, 16 December 2005)
  83. Lunatic Atheists
    Lunatic fringe In the twilight’s last gleaming This is open season But you won’t get too far We know you’ve got to blame someone... (from 01:04 AM, 08 December 2005)
  84. Forward Thinking
    So last night I’m driving down Lakeland Avenue, delivering fine foodstuffs for customers of Lynda’s Eat Well and Be Well, and it’s about an hour... (from 10:39 AM, 06 December 2005)
  85. Why does Honda hate Christmas?
    With their Happy Honda Days advertising campaign, Honda proves that they are anti-Christian. We must boycott them. Remember, fellow Christian Warriors, the proper way to... (from 10:30 AM, 01 December 2005)
  86. Hawt Biznez
    After several years of questionable tax practices (just kidding Mr. IRS-man), I have finally made it official. MacPhoenix Design is open for business. Now let... (from 04:18 PM, 30 November 2005)
  87. Diploma-mill spam
    I’ve gotten a couple of weird spam emails in the past couple of weeks. My spam filters are set extraordinarily high, but occasionally a few... (from 08:41 AM, 28 November 2005)
  88. Red light, green light, 1-2-3
    Jinx, our well-dressed turkey of a cat, considers herself the middle of our three-being clan. When she and I stare each other down, I win;... (from 08:36 AM, 16 November 2005)
  89. Dick Cheney Halloween Special
    The Halloween spirit infected me (and Dick Cheney apparently), and I couldn’t resist altering this photo a bit. Honestly, it’s not too far from... (from 01:47 PM, 07 October 2005)
  90. I wouldn't eat at that McDonalds
    Seen on a McDonald’s sign during a recent night’s drive: Monopolsy is back. I’m worried that with the rise in drug-resistant bacteria, it’s only a... (from 01:57 AM, 04 October 2005)
  91. Friday Cat Blogging: The Invitations
    Hot off the press: Invitations for the 2005 Halloween party!!! Posing for the invitations is our very own Jinx. The image was drawn from... (from 12:19 AM, 30 September 2005)
  92. Hysteria
    October gets me in the mood for Halloween, my favorite holiday mostly because it parades its own meaninglessness. Despite the fears of certain moral traditionalists,... (from 01:37 AM, 28 September 2005)
  93. Friday Cat Blogging: The Curtain
    Melba Honeybee accused me of getting a new camera, which is why I’ve posted “a thousand photos of Jinx” on my site. Well, Miss... (from 02:23 AM, 16 September 2005)
  94. Truer captions were never spoken
    From Sky News Ireland, via Daily Kos:... (from 12:59 AM, 09 September 2005)
  95. Idiots' letters to Newsday 2
    Uh oh! Our first isolationist moron decided to write to Newsday to complain that no one helps the big ol’ America when we’re in trouble,... (from 12:18 AM, 03 September 2005)
  96. A third-world response to an American crisis
    Jack Cafferty used to be a newscaster on the local NBC affiliate out here in New York, and he was a likable enough guy. He,... (from 05:14 AM, 02 September 2005)
  97. Give to the Red Cross
    A vibrant, historical American city is no more. It will be rebuilt, but until it is, a half of a million Americans have been... (from 03:37 PM, 01 September 2005)
  98. Raw Babelized
    Take the first stanza to my poem “Raw,” and put it into Altavista’s Bablefish translation service, translate it to a foreign language and back to... (from 01:05 AM, 30 August 2005)
  99. Friday Cat Blogging: Natural Light
    I like photographing Jinx in natural light, because the flash tends to make her squint, making it difficult to see her amazing green eyes... (from 06:02 PM, 26 August 2005)
  100. Bumper Angels
    Bob Cesca, on the Huffington Post, asks why more traffic accidents don’t happen. The obvious answer: Bumper angels.... (from 05:32 PM, 25 August 2005)
  101. Friday Cat Blogging: Jinx in the box
    A little late for Friday, but it’s my first one, so deal.... (from 12:46 AM, 13 August 2005)
  102. James Dobson thinks I am gay
    Over at the Huffington Post, Gene Stone writes about Supreme Court nominee John Roberts and his possible connection to those horrible gay people. It seems... (from 04:27 PM, 10 August 2005)
  103. The Lexijon: Crackhead
    I drive like a maniac. Well, I don’t think I do, but I’ve been told that I do by passengers and the pedestrians that narrowly... (from 03:05 PM, 05 August 2005)
  104. Idiots' letters to Newsday
    I’ve been meaning to do this for a while. My local paper, Newsday, gets letters from some real pieces of work. Long Islanders are notoriously... (from 06:31 PM, 30 July 2005)
  105. Brush with Greatness
    I got a letter posted on The Amazing Randi’s website, JREF. If you’re not familiar with it, the JREF has a long standing reward for... (from 05:27 AM, 30 July 2005)
  106. So far, Bush has not found the science
    There is a great article, titled “Science Wars II,” on CSICOP about the Bush adminstration’s total disregard for scientific data, and scientists and researchers are... (from 03:57 PM, 23 July 2005)
  107. Portal news switch
    On my portal page, I had a link to CNN.com. I didn't really want it there, but at the time, no other news site was... (from 04:27 PM, 12 July 2005)
  108. The Pop-Poseur Rule, Applied to Pink Floyd
    I posted this over in the comments of Roger Ailes’s post on Floyd, and I thought that I was so funny and clever that I... (from 04:42 AM, 04 July 2005)
  109. Yo' Mamma's a Scientologist
    Knowledge is a cruel path, summed up fairly early in our culture with the story of Adam and Eve and the fruit. It wasn’t an... (from 01:15 AM, 02 July 2005)
  110. Russell's Law of 50% Returns on Comic Adaptations
    Lately, movies adapted from comic books have been successful about 50% of the time. For every X-Men or Spiderman, there is an Electra or The... (from 04:48 AM, 01 July 2005)
  111. Record Lows in Hell, Satanists Complain of Abyssian Cooling
    First Apple loves Intel. Now Pink Floyd reunites. Can anything and everything happen in this topsy-turvy world?... (from 03:02 PM, 12 June 2005)
  112. That's science, baby!
    Via Wired News, we learn of a new form of superoxygenated water that destroys single-celled organisms, but is harmless to plants and animals. The stuff... (from 12:34 AM, 17 May 2005)
  113. Vegas Week: Video Poker
    On the second night of our week in Vegas, Kathy and I were already exhausted from the amount of walking we were doing. We were... (from 09:43 AM, 06 April 2005)
  114. Going to Las Wages
    Be gone for a week. Please do not spam my comment section until I get back.... (from 01:35 AM, 20 March 2005)
  115. Four more years of Woe
    Here’s a parody sticker I came up with, expressing my feelings about the next 4 years. [image] (from 04:18 AM, 08 February 2005)
  116. I did not know that...
    Recently seen bumper sticker: Jesus is coming! WZXV 99.7 fm The frequency of Heaven... (from 06:22 PM, 28 January 2005)
  117. Conversation snippet
    Kathy: You can be surprisingly awkward in social situations. Me: I wouldn’t say “surprisingly.”... (from 06:18 PM, 28 January 2005)
  118. Blizzard 05: The Snowening
    [photo] A view from our library of the blizzard. (from 09:07 PM, 22 January 2005)
  119. A coffee break
    I’m a coffee wimp. My coffee has to be flavored, sweeter than rock candy, and lighter than a glass of milk. But still, there are... (from 03:30 AM, 05 January 2005)
  120. I'm not responsible for Kashrus either
    I happened to find myself in Lawrence, today. Lawrence is a busy little hamlet tucked away in between Rockville Center, Valley Stream, and Long Beach,... (from 01:23 AM, 15 December 2004)
  121. Tire Pressure
    The van that I drive for my dad’s business is a decent ride. It’s got a lot of pickup and the braking is good and... (from 01:02 AM, 12 November 2004)
  122. Mistakes were made
    I can admit when I was wrong, and these past couple of weeks have been full of humble pie. So when I said bin Laden... (from 10:42 PM, 06 November 2004)
  123. Guess who won her vote?
    What follows is a self-typed transcript from the 03 Nov 2004 Talk of the Nation radio program on NPR. This segment was titled “Election Over,... (from 02:25 AM, 04 November 2004)
  124. I will never understand human behavior
    At some point in my life, I am going to have to accept that I am not part of the mainstream. It is clear to... (from 11:50 AM, 03 November 2004)
  125. Goodbye George
    Goodbye, George. I won’t miss you. I won’t weep at your passing. Goodbye, George. You represented the worst in us. You pretended your faith was... (from 02:49 AM, 02 November 2004)
  126. Out Soxed
    Well, let the blame game begin. Me, personally, I’m blaming Joe Torre. I love the guy, reminds me of my late grandfather. He’s the reason... (from 01:18 AM, 21 October 2004)
  127. Tie a Yellow Ribbon Around the SUV
    Is your “These Colors Don’t Run” bumper sticker fading to powder blue? Need a more jingoistic message than “God Bless America”? Well, fear no more.... (from 01:57 AM, 15 October 2004)
  128. Roger Waters’s new singles
    It’s war in the Mideast, and that means that Roger Waters was due to release a new album. There have been rumors of a new... (from 06:41 PM, 25 September 2004)
  129. An Imagined Dialog Highlighting the Deficiencies of Our Educational System
    Fast Food Patron: I’d like the fish sandwich value meal, please. Voice in Ordering Box: That’ll be $5.43. Drive up to the first window, please.... (from 12:51 AM, 29 July 2004)
  130. A pledge
    I’ve been so behind in updating anything on my site. So, I’m making a secret pledge to myself to work at least an hour a... (from 02:28 AM, 24 July 2004)
  131. The Maddening
    There was an ad for I, Robot that, mercifully, hasn’t been shown in this market for a couple of days. The voice-over said, ominously, “We... (from 01:27 AM, 17 June 2004)
  132. Goin' back to Bean Town
    Kathy and I are taking another trip to Boston. This time, we’re bringing the digital camera (we forgot to last year), which means that some... (from 02:42 AM, 12 May 2004)
  133. Mailing list blues
    I’m on a mailing list at Don’t Amend, a group dedicated to stopping the hijacking of the Constitution by the idiots against same-sex marriage. It’s... (from 08:11 PM, 30 April 2004)
  134. Updates and a tune
    Okay, I can admit when I’m wrong. Janet Jackson’s apparent pastie was, in fact, a giant piece of jewelry that fit around her nipple. Well.... (from 10:26 PM, 10 February 2004)
  135. Shocking Monkeys
    As both readers of my blog know (Hi Mom! Hi Uncle Frank!), I try to stay away from current events, because by the time I... (from 06:56 PM, 03 February 2004)
  136. A drinking man
    I’ve been keeping score: Vanilla Coke sucks, Pepsi Blue is even worse, but Dr Pepper Red Fusion is pretty good. Vanilla Pepsi is surprisingly okay.... (from 01:22 PM, 31 January 2004)
  137. Enough comedy... jokes!
    It’s been quiet on my blog for a while, so I’ll fill in some space with my favorite jokes, and you can decide whether or... (from 05:50 AM, 30 January 2004)
  138. The Problem with Western Civilization
    Offered as Peoples’ Exhibit A, your Honor. Upon visiting China for the 2003 Miss World Contest, Miss United States, 20 year-old, Kim Harlan, had this... (from 01:02 AM, 05 December 2003)
  139. Language as a weapon, pt 1
    This CNN article notes that the City of Los Angeles has decided that the terms, “Master” and “Slave,” are inappropriate and insensitive labels on computer... (from 07:25 PM, 26 November 2003)
  140. The Kingdom
    They call it “The Kingdom.” It sits behind the building where you’d go and get your food. You’d never even know it was there, but... (from 02:06 AM, 18 November 2003)
  141. What I witnessed on Sunrise Highway
    A couple of weeks ago, I saw a kid on bike get hit by a car on Sunrise Highway. I thought for sure the kid... (from 12:22 AM, 13 November 2003)
  142. For further discussion
    I mentioned this in passing to Katherine, but I think it is something that I want to write upon more: Strange that the common enemy... (from 12:25 AM, 22 October 2003)
  143. Call it even
    Baseball’s post-season, especially when the Yankees are involved, always gets the oxygen flowing in my red-blooded American lungs. Autumn nights in the ballpark evoke the... (from 03:29 AM, 09 October 2003)
  144. Big Wheels
    If you’re an obsessed liberal like me, you’re already up on the BIG news within the lefty-blogosphere, but for the rest, I have a couple... (from 04:00 AM, 29 September 2003)
  145. Twenty Seconds
    Katherine, Chris, and I went into the City on Sunday morning to see Neil Gaiman. Every year there is a big baker’s-dozen-blocks-down-5th-Avenue event called New... (from 02:20 AM, 25 September 2003)
  146. That’ll sock it to them libruls
    Recently seen bumper sticker: The #1 Endangered Species? The Pre-Born CHILD! It’s a CHILD ...Not a CHOICE!... (from 01:45 AM, 21 September 2003)
  147. The week so far...
    Days of the week: 3; Accidents: 4; Loser: Jonathan (from 08:08 PM, 10 September 2003)
  148. Not unless you know something that I don’t
    “Hello?” I say into my cell phone. A young woman answers, “Dad?” “Uh, you have the wrong number,” I say. “Oh,” she suppresses a laugh,... (from 06:41 PM, 09 September 2003)
  149. This is comforting?
    Recently seen bumper sticker... (from 01:37 AM, 28 August 2003)
  150. The day the lights went out on Lakeland Ave.
    So where was I when it happened? (from 12:59 AM, 27 August 2003)
  151. 6 rules for every drinking game
    On a different site, I elucidated the obligitory six rules that any drinking game should have. (from 02:45 AM, 08 August 2003)
  152. Dirty, lowlife license plate thief
    What is this world coming to? Even hoodlums do not know the rules anymore. (from 07:59 PM, 05 August 2003)
  153. Tea and the Keyboard
    Some things just do not mi... merge well together. (from 10:56 PM, 21 July 2003)
  154. Adventures with Chinese food
    So once or twice a month, I stop at the local Chinese food place. It is in a great location. (from 01:51 AM, 27 June 2003)
  155. The dog ate my website
    Excuses, excuses. What can explain the gaps in posting? (from 11:25 PM, 18 June 2003)
  156. Sultaana Freeman and the Veil of Obfuscation
    As a bleeding-heart, knee-jerk liberal, most people would expect me, I think, to take the side of the poor Muslim woman who lost her license (from 01:39 AM, 15 June 2003)
  157. Blame Me!
    Okay, I admit it. I am only putting this in my blog so it will get noticed by the search engines quicker. (from 01:54 AM, 13 June 2003)
  158. June Reminder
    Radiohead's _Hail to the Thief_ comes out today. So does Steely Dan's _Everything Must Go_. (from 11:38 PM, 09 June 2003)
  159. A link, I think, to cause me to drink
    First of all, there is a story behind my lack of activity on my site that I may or may not share on this very... (from 03:23 PM, 18 May 2003)
  160. Audio Blog from Boston
    audblog audio post... (from 05:31 PM, 03 May 2003)
  161. Heading to Boston
    Going to Boston for an extended weekend, tonight. Going to try to file an audio blog on Saturday using Audblog from my cell phone. (from 01:11 AM, 02 May 2003)
  162. Elephant by the White Stripes
    In the beginning of the summer of 1991, as I played a session of Call of Chthulu, the game master, a bartender... (from 03:52 AM, 01 May 2003)
  163. Self-centered Parking Assholes
    I'm going to create a window sticker that says, Hey! Self-Centered Asshole! Learn how to park! (from 01:46 AM, 17 April 2003)
  164. This space left intentionally blank
    Sigh...... (from 07:17 PM, 10 April 2003)
  165. Heavy Linkage
    A few other blog articles that I found interesting during these interesting times: (from 02:55 PM, 22 March 2003)
  166. Life During Wartime
    This ain't no party, this ain't no disco... (from 12:06 AM, 20 March 2003)
  167. Auntie America v. Protestors
    Oh, Auntie America is in a tizzy again. (from 03:40 AM, 19 March 2003)
  168. Auntie America v. The Frenchys
    Poor Auntie America. Her lap-dog, Media, kept barking and barking at the Frenchys' house across the pond. (from 02:14 AM, 18 March 2003)
  169. Wendy's Fresh Catch
    Well, local Wendy's are now serving fish sandwiches. (from 07:05 PM, 14 March 2003)
  170. Eye on whom?
    What the hell is wrong with CNN (and by extension, all our American media outlets)? (from 09:34 AM, 11 March 2003)
  171. An Imagined Dialog Highlighting the Differences between Morals and Ethics
    Fast Food Patron: I'd like a fish sandwich, please. (from 04:48 PM, 08 March 2003)
  172. The 7-11 Straw Incident
    Suddenly, inexplicably, I was in the mood for a Super Big Gulp. I used to have a Super Big Gulp, 48 oz. of pure caffeinated, bubbly sugar water, 5 or 6 times a week,... (from 06:22 PM, 22 February 2003)
  173. The Trojan President
    I am showing my age here, but I remember vividly hating Reagan and his gang of buffoons. (from 01:18 AM, 13 February 2003)
  174. Big Wheels
    For some reason, this evening I was drawn to the memory of Tiananmen Square back in 1989, and the dull thud of our inaction towards China. (from 12:58 AM, 29 January 2003)
  175. Funny Onion article
    Heh. (from 07:17 PM, 23 January 2003)
  176. National Sanctity of Life Day
    Ah, what a wonderful National Sanctity of Life Day I had yesterday. To celebrate, I spilled my seed in my neighbors’ victory garden and painted... (from 01:23 AM, 20 January 2003)
  177. I laugh when it hurts
    The Bushies are just so, so very funny. Please, join me in a hearty laugh. John Ashcroft defends his civil rights record. Bwah-ha-ha! Oh, Lord,... (from 02:10 AM, 18 January 2003)
  178. FUVs
    The SUV is taking a lot of negative press these days, thanks to a new book out called High and Mighty... (from 06:04 PM, 16 January 2003)
  179. Sings Point to Dumb
    I just saw Signs on DVD. Part of the reason I didn't like it, admittedly, was that I had larger expectations for it. (from 10:30 AM, 15 January 2003)
  180. Arianna’s Lament
    Dear God, it's nice to know I'm not alone. (from 01:53 AM, 19 December 2002)
  181. Russell’s Law of Thermal Dynamics
    My father gave me a good bit of advice before the onset of the cold weather. (from 08:54 PM, 06 December 2002)
  182. Ahem.
    *cough, cough* Excuse me. Just clearing a small amount of doubt from my throat.... (from 10:53 AM, 03 December 2002)
  183. WWJD?
    We interrupt this blog for a very special interview with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. (from 01:42 AM, 02 December 2002)
  184. Small things
    A lesson learned today: My father and I are on a repair job at an Italian-themed chain restaurant. (from 01:42 AM, 16 November 2002)
  185. Tough Talk
    I don't care what they say, I stand by my opinion: bin Laden is dead. (from 08:41 PM, 13 November 2002)
  186. Ugh.
    Apparently, I, and everybody I know, are in a very small minority. (from 01:48 AM, 06 November 2002)
  187. Commercial from the Future
    The Scene: Two men, hairless, dressed in white jumpsuits stand next to each other in a totally white, sterile room. (from 06:32 PM, 05 November 2002)
  188. End of October Blahs
    Two thing have been on my mind, lately. Allow me to share them with you. (from 02:56 AM, 31 October 2002)
  189. Dumb things around the island
    I keep meaning to take my little digital camera with me to work, since I'm all over the place, every day,... (from 06:52 PM, 22 October 2002)
  190. Brave New America
    John Perry Barlow, co-founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, has written a very interesting rant about the recent congressional vote over extending the presidential powers... (from 02:38 AM, 18 October 2002)
  191. Dark Side of the Blog
    Start your CD... now. (from 03:23 AM, 11 October 2002)
  192. The evolution of a bad idea
    I don't understand what is wrong with my fellow countrymen. And, crap, I'm not even talking about war or false patriotism. But every couple of months, some stupid backwater school board has got to throw its two-cents in on the Theory of Evolution. (from 01:36 AM, 04 October 2002)
  193. Celebrating 40 Blog Entries
    Rather than torture my poor, long-suffering friends with two bad jokes that they'd have to hear over and over again, I'll post them here for the world to ignore. (from 12:53 AM, 27 September 2002)
  194. TIPS-top shape
    I was going to rant a bit about Eunice Stone, the busybody cum patriot, but I found a better, over-the-top, column about it, here. An... (from 01:02 AM, 26 September 2002)
  195. Chick Pea Salad
    And this non sequitur is sponsored by Lingua Shapta. We performed for the very first time on stage at the Munchaba Lounge in Levittown, Long... (from 02:15 AM, 20 September 2002)
  196. No lessons from Sept 11
    I tried to stay silent on the anniversary of the terrorist attack on America this past September 11. I stayed away from the news. Each... (from 02:28 AM, 13 September 2002)
  197. Jonathan, Lingua Shapta, and the Munchaba Lounge
    So I've been fortunate enough to have been a part of _The Carnival of the Arts_ festivities every Thursday... (from 02:21 AM, 06 September 2002)
  198. The score so far
    Dr. Pepper Red Fusion tastes a lot like regular Dr. Pepper, but has twice the caffine. I drank 48oz of it, and got very dizzy. Wheeee! (from 02:05 PM, 31 August 2002)
  199. Great Adventures in Short Pants
    The youth of today have another vice that is particularly annoying for an old man like myself -- line-jumping. (from 12:46 AM, 22 August 2002)
  200. A toast to birthdays past and present
    Last year, my 30th birthday fell on a Saturday. This was great planning on my parents' part. (from 01:49 AM, 20 August 2002)
  201. Triskadecaphobia
    Thirteen years ago this month, I graduated from high school. It should have been June, but I made a couple of mistakes and had to... (from 02:55 AM, 16 August 2002)
  202. 0) Life is like a hot cup of java...
    Introduction: Way back when, in high school to be precise, my friends and I used to while away the time by writing silly things to... (from 12:37 AM, 16 July 2002)
  203. Creative Pressures
    It took nearly 4 months for an unofficial response to Fickled Pink by my former manager, Suzanne. (from 01:13 AM, 11 July 2002)
  204. Mass-produced Signs of Free Thinking
    I'm getting my car inspected at the local Pep-Boys, so I go into the retail section and look for some sort of clever sticker that I can apply to LeBarge. (from 12:37 AM, 10 July 2002)
  205. LeBarge
    I am now the proud owner of a simply huge 1984 Buick LeSabre, which, with the inspiration from my friend, Erick, I have christened LeBarge.... (from 02:17 AM, 09 July 2002)
  206. Is this thing on?
    A quick discovery: Vanilla Coke sucks.... (from 02:58 PM, 04 July 2002)
  207. Another Temporary Delay
    A couple of months ago, I found myself unable to keep up with my site, and warned everyone... (from 05:26 PM, 01 June 2002)
  208. A token of thanks
    Lord, I was born a rambling man. And to that end, today is my last day over Brian and Jennifer's house.... (from 11:17 AM, 24 May 2002)
  209. This time, we know the threat is vague
    Does this make sense? (from 03:25 AM, 20 May 2002)
  210. Politically Incorrect
    I hate to be so paranoid. But when a Bushie gets into office, a year later they cancel the one show that would actually be... (from 04:01 PM, 14 May 2002)
  211. How to play guitar
    When I asked Rich(e)rich how to play the guitar this was his advice: first step- pick up the guitarthen get a pickPlay! And what do... (from 02:51 AM, 12 May 2002)
  212. Restating the obvious
    I've just decided to become annoyed with a very common human fallibility.... (from 11:17 AM, 08 May 2002)
  213. The Joy of Life
    Good Lord, but life is funny.... (from 04:51 AM, 05 May 2002)
  214. French Fries Cause Cancer
    Ah, as if life weren't difficult enough, now the simple pleasure of eating fattening, starchy French fries is put to the task.... (from 06:02 PM, 26 April 2002)
  215. Holy Shit
    It is wonderful to know that not only does my personal philosophy doom me to eternal damnation, but so does my computer. In this extraordinarily... (from 02:11 AM, 23 April 2002)
  216. We Hold These Truths to Be Inevident
    We've all come to accept certain clichés as truth: A cat always lands on its feet; There is nothing new under the sun; The media is slanted to the left.... (from 06:15 PM, 22 April 2002)
  217. An ounce of lead is worth a pound of cure
    The War on Drug claims another innocent victim. According to this article, from Newsday, (Click to read in new window. Warning: pop-up ads.), a 20... (from 12:51 PM, 21 April 2002)
  218. Red Skies and Flawed Logic
    There is a kind of mysterious fun to not be up on current events whilst being in the midst of them. I imagine that many... (from 08:48 AM, 18 April 2002)
  219. In case you were wondering
    I've discovered a couple of things these past few days.... (from 05:10 AM, 13 April 2002)
  220. We apologize for the inconvenience
    I wish there was something I could say that would approximate the turmoil that is going on right now, but I can't really.... (from 02:55 AM, 11 April 2002)
  221. Fickled Pink
    I love to hang around with real artists. Although I have some design ability, I'm just an apprentice amongst truly brilliant masters, so I settle instead for befriending and working with the talented.... (from 04:30 PM, 14 March 2002)
  222. Shiver me timbers
    Suddenly, I get stage freight. I'm not sure why. It isn't writer's block, because I know all sorts of funny little anecdotes that I'd like to put up on this blog. (from 10:06 PM, 12 March 2002)
  223. English Rules
    You'd think that after several hundred years of successful use, a language would finally settle down into a rigid structure that everyone could agree upon.... (from 01:44 PM, 27 February 2002)
  224. Six Courses, One Stomach
    While the Zoloft has helped my mood, nothing has ever been able to help me stay organized. My Palm molders on my nightstand. I find... (from 10:17 AM, 25 February 2002)
  225. Marrying Mad
    Coincidence happens. Never being much of a ladies’ man, I’ve had but six girlfriends from past to present. And, sure, I’ve never believed myself to... (from 05:59 PM, 22 February 2002)
  226. Random Thoughts
    What is a blog? It stands for weblog. I can actually publish this from any browser, so no HTML coding-knowledge is necessary. However, I tend... (from 09:45 PM, 19 February 2002)
  227. Reasonable Determination
    Two things used to keep me up at night when I was a teenager: Determinism and Eternity. Looking back, I guess I was pretty geeky... (from 04:07 PM, 16 February 2002)
  228. The Horror of the Entities
    This is pure HTML-geek stuff, so if you're not interested, skip down to the previous entry, which is a lot more silly. Anyway, I was... (from 08:25 PM, 14 February 2002)
  229. Mundane Conspiracy Theories
    Last night, I was woken suddenly by a sharp knock at my front door. A nervous, haggard man, chain smoking cigarettes, was pacing outside when... (from 09:55 PM, 12 February 2002)
  230. It Sure Is Fun
    Well, I surprised myself by writing a flat-out essay on Saturday night/Sunday morning. I didn’t think I had it in me. Now all I need... (from 05:13 PM, 11 February 2002)
  231. If You Can Read This, You’re too Close to Heaven
    Florida is positioned towards the right pocket, just below the Bible Belt. We’ve a strange mix of Jews, Gentiles, and Cubans down here, and while... (from 12:10 AM, 10 February 2002)
  232. A Blog for the Rest of Me
    I’ll be honest: Blogs are all over the place, and I didn’t think it necessary to have one, myself. I kind of thought that they... (from 01:59 PM, 08 February 2002)