Friday Cat Blogging: The Invitations

Jinx's Trick Fer Treat 2005 Halloween Party

Hot off the press: Invitations for the 2005 Halloween party!!! Posing for the invitations is our very own Jinx. The image was drawn from a photo Kathy captured of Jinx giving us the “scary cat” treatment. This image will appear on a couple of door-prizes at this year’s festivities.

If, by some reason, you suspect that you’re not on my mailing list, but you want an invite to the party, send me an email.

This edition of Friday Cat Blogging is dedicated to the memory of Annie. Sadly, she was struck by a car on Wednesday. She was 16 years old, if I’m not mistaken, but looked like a 7 month-old, since she was so tiny. If I can get a photo from Michele this weekend, I’ll post Annie next week. She was a sweet, little cat and will be missed.

UPDATE: Here’s the original photo of Jinx:

Jinx gives us the spooky cat treatment

Posted by Jonathan at 12:19 AM, 30 September 2005


I’m coming this year I swear!!!

I am getting a costume and everything!!!!


Posted by: Melba H. at September 30, 2005 4:14 PM


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