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Halloween 2004

Halloween 2004 was really scary and spooky. We found ourselves invaded by people from Saturn! We ran out of beer! We didn’t have enough chairs! And we ran out of beer! Scary, indeed!

As has become our annual tradition, we held the party at the Ronkonkoma Rec Center, while not scarily named, is right on Lake Ronkonkoma, which became all foggy and dark as the day turned into night. Plus, there is that spooky legend about a kid dying there every year. It may not be true, though. Despite our best efforts, we couldn’t convince Andrew or Erick to wallow into the lake. Oh, well. We’ll try again next year!

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Sat, 30 Oct 2005, at the Ronkonkoma Beach Recreation Center.

The sorceress and the bunny wabbit

June and Ricky showing much concern about Social Security

The sorceress tries to get Silent Bob to speak

What clown is responsible for the NHL lockout?

The Feast of Saturnalia?

Og is disappointed in his attempts to discover fire

Andrew about to be attacked

Some superfly pimp chatting up a couple of kittens

Saint and sinner?

Dressed as a dental student and a bank teller

Michele wins the coveted Potty Training Award

A bleary eyed Andrew

A couple of happy revelers

Ricky, the dirty old man

Cutting a rug

Who do that voodoo?

You spin me right ’round, baby!

Crime and Punishment

Clap your hands if you believe in fairies

Debbie and her ladies

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